Group strategy

  With a scientific, forward-looking and effective development model, the group has formed four major strategies, such as brand strategy, management strategy, cultural strategy and talent strategy, and constantly create a leap forward development miracle and promote the sustainable development of the industry and the Internet environment.

  Brand strategy

  In the brand strategy, the group insists on implementing the fine quality strategy, taking &ldquo, creating the group quality and shaping the group brand &rdquo, making the project solutions and industry customization services within the enterprise for the strategic policy, and establishing a firm strategic alliance with the strength enterprises of several related industries to realize the product quality and service price. A great leap in value.

  talent strategy

  In terms of talent strategy, the group has reserved a large number of outstanding talents through a high standard, moderately advanced talent introduction mechanism and a scientific and perfect internal training mechanism. The group will give full play to the dual functions of salary guarantee and performance appraisal, so as to realize the optimal allocation of talent structure. The high quality and high enforcement force of the Iron Army is a strong guarantee for the continuous and steady development of the group, and also the most proud competitive advantage and strength of the group.

  Management strategy

 In terms of management strategy, the group has formed effective, advanced, and collaborative close group management mode. Through standardized operation, the group ensures that the group quality strategy is unswervingly pursued. At the same time, the group has formed a scientific management system, such as goal planning management, flexible management and so on, as well as the management mechanism of "strict management, reward and fine", and jointly build a scientific and complete modern management system.

  Cultural strategy

  Up to now, the group has developed the system culture, the optimization of the behavior culture and the material culture, which has formed the unique group enterprise culture: the enterprise vision of "the Internet application integrated service leader", the enterprise mission of "making the Internet application simpler", "respect and service, harmony and development, focus and simplicity". The core values of enterprises and the concept of "initiative, enthusiasm and responsibility".

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