Shanghai Tonlion Culture Communication Group

  Shanghai Tonlion culture communication group has many talented, innovative and management professionals, focusing on the construction of Intelligent City, cultural communication, club operation, international trade, investment management, wisdom fund and so on. It is a comprehensive group company which integrates the spirit of innovation and cultural heritage.

  Mr. Huang Xin, the founder of the group, was born in Shanghai in 1974, a master of Commerce and commerce, graduated from the EMBA13 period of the Changjiang business college, and is the chairman of the Shanghai Tonlion culture communication group; the founder and President of the China Association of think city; the founder and chairman of the wisdom City review network; the founder of the wisdom seed development fund.

  The wisdom City review network is focused on building a one-stop solution to the global smart city. It covers all kinds of AI artificial intelligence products, applications and professional solutions and services in smart cities.

  As a B2B business platform, the smart comment network will escort the development and operation of the global smart city. The transaction become “ efficient, convenient, transparent and honest ” for the mission, always uphold “ user experience, creative ingenuity, data drive, CO progress, social responsibility ” service to community, sports, travel, health, medical, financial, home, retail and other industries, involving wisdom. In the urban construction, the data hub of each subdivision, the transaction of the product spot and the solution, the payment and settlement, the marketing, the supply chain finance, the professional logistics and the warehousing, and to build the specialized industrial system of the application of the import and export service of the AI artificial intelligence software and hardware.

  The Chinese society of the city of wisdom

  Zhicheng China is a high-end social platform dedicated to building the backbone of global smart city development. Members from the global realtors, building materials, AI artificial intelligence, BAT Internet, architectural interior design, automobile, medical, school, logistics and other industry decision-making and cross boundary opinion leaders. The city will provide a sharing platform for the members of the ecological circle, which has a large number of intelligent city development engineering products and solutions.

  Wisdom seed fund

  The intellectual seed development fund of the Shanghai youth development foundation was founded in March 2018 by Mr. Huang Xin, the founder of the wisdom City review network, and the president of the China Association of think city. The fund is based on &ldquo, poverty alleviation, education, culture, and innovation of ” for the theme, we will promote the development of education and the training of talents in our country, mobilize the whole society to pay attention to the students in difficulty, inherit the national culture, and support the innovation of science and technology. The public project of red bookstore, launched by the smart seed fund, has been crowned in the people's daily.

  Group strategic partners

The Great Wall (GWC): the most influential global mobile innovator platform, with a global, top mobile innovation member network, to promote communication, cooperation and cross-border business in the mobile internet field.

SLC: directly controlled by the state assets supervision and Management Committee of Pudong New Area, it is a modern third party specialized logistics enterprise with diversified business model, perfect service function and leading information technology. In September 2017, it landed on the capital market.

New media group (XinChao):&ldquo, traditional media + Internet &rdquo, technology media innovation enterprise, was selected for the list of 2017 Chinese unicorns with $1 billion 500 million.

MOLBASE: The world's largest chemical data and trading platform for business data and indexing, serving the global industrial, pharmaceutical, new materials and other industries.

TOP block chain: located in “ global block chain one-stop resource platform ” and “ block chain Unicorn incubator ” launched the TOP block chain Global Industrial Park alliance, create a global influence of “ the block chain of the Silicon Valley ”

Sand and gravel sports: with the integrated solution of the national fitness stadium as the core of strategic development, the first domestic enterprise with the service capacity of the whole industry chain.

Hotspot: &ldquo for regimental meals and other catering industries; + Internet +AI” information technology solutions have been applied to large development zones, regiments, and large catering chains.


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